• Natalie Wild

Women of Tech is Back

7th August 2019 – was when the last article was posted here.

It feels a bit like a lifetime ago. I haven’t been able to give this project the time or attention it deserves in a long time. But that’s going to change – there are too many inspiring stories to share, I can’t sit on this anymore.

If you did find yourself wondering why it had gone very quiet here a brief summary:

· I was made redundant from my job at Novate IT in August 2019

· So, I opened a B&B Business in September 2019, had a great start.

· Then Covid-19 happened, resulted in closure of the business after only 12 months of trading, in September 2020.

· Moved house 3 glorious times in 14 months (Urgh)

· Decided to apply to University as a mature student, was accepted. Started in

September just gone - finally trying to earn myself a degree (and enjoy some stability

for 3 years!)

Now, back to Women of Tech.

I love this project and what it represents.

I love the kindness, warmth and passion. The insights, perspectives, and ideas. The way each person has something different and unique to contribute to the collective. A collective that can inspire and encourage others.

Without having posted anything for a long while we’ve still accured over 250 new followers to our LinkedIn page, the Women of Tech inbox still receives regular emails from women working in the tech space wanting to share their stories. The subscriber list on the website is now in the high triple figures.

I hear you.

I’m not giving up.

Watch this space.

There WILL be more Women of Tech articles coming your way.